G’day mates :)

First things first on the Sydney update, I owe Jace and Dave a massive thanks for inviting to stay with them. It was fantastic, and Kings Cross is an excellent base from which to access the city.

On my first day, I scoped out the local bays, Elizabeth and Rushcutters. The parks and marinas down there were stunning, and along with the weather, the perfect way to while away an afternoon.



Obviously a trip to The Rocks came next to scope out the Opera House and see the Harbour Bridge.



Before jumping on a harbour ferry across the bay to Manly. I really liked it up here. I was a bit beached out by this point, so went on the suggested tourist hike along the beach and up into the bush area to North Head.


I didn’t realise it, but this place used to belong to the military and there are still gun towers scattered along the hillside, and there was a quarantine hospital there until the early 1900s. It’s now owned by the wildlife commission, and is a beautiful hike. At the furthest point there is an old cemetery of plague and smallpox victims from the quarantine hospital. Most of the 200 graves belong to children. The view of Sydney from here is incredible, if a little eerie.


Clearly my travels wouldn’t be complete without a trip to an observatory, especially as Sydney holds the oldest working telescope in Australia, from 1874. Unfortunately it was too cloudy to use on the sky, but we merrily checked out it’s capabilities on a clock somewhere on the horizon (invisible to the naked eye). I also ended up staying behind and spending an hour talking to our retired astrophysicist tour guide about his career!

The forecast predicted rain for the rest of my trip (which never showed up), so I visited the Gallery of New South Wales and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Before heading over to the bridge to do my night climb. The view was totally awesome, and my group were fantastic – but it was hideously over priced, and I doubt very much I will ever do it again. The view was definitely enhanced by night though, and I would recommend it to visitors feeling particularly flush (and fond of heights)! Photos of me looking stupid to follow on this one, I need access to a scanner.



An obligatory trip to Bondi was on the cards the next day, and although it was very beautiful, by that point I was a bit beached out – and was more interested in the fish and chips on offer (Aussie fish and chips really leaves the UK looking crap by the way – battered and cooked to order, and a much larger selection of fish than is usually on offer back home – YUM).

The weekend meant Jace, Dave and I went on the most beautiful hike in Ku-ring-gai National Park, even if it did end up being over 18km as the loop we had planned to follow on the map didn’t exist. It was a great day though, and regardless of the sore feet, we all enjoyed ourselves.



I’ve been in Japan a little while now, so will try and get my next update sorted quickly. We’ll see how much time I manage to make over the next few days.



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