Mt Fuji, Kawaguchiko

Hiya folks,

I arrived in Kawaguchiko to the most stunning view of Mt Fuji. It was the picture perfect view of a postcard, with a perfectly blue sky and not a cloud in sight. Thankfully I took the a photo on my phone as I was walking to my hostel from the station (bags in tow), as I arrived right before sunset, the following day was overcast, and my final day was extremely foggy! You can’t always beat the weather.


Regardless of the absence of Fuji-san’s peak I still visited the observatory (a viewing platform on an opposite peak, not in the astronomical sense) and took some pretty dramatic photos of the moody skies that day.



It also ensured I had plenty of time to mosey around in Kawaguchiko, and enjoy the peace and quiet of the Japanese countryside. After so long spent in the cities, it was a wonderful way to recuperate and a very welcome change of scene.




A friend and I hired bikes one day and cycled around Lake Kawaguchiko, stopping off at the only restaurant we found on the way to get pizza! It was the very last thing I expected to find, but the owner was extremely friendly, spoke good English and the place had real charm and character. The walls were decorated with a mixture of violins, old cameras and a selection of chainsaws!


I finished off my final evening in a restaurant recommended by the hostel, eating Katsudon (pork / egg / rice / miso soup etc) it was excellent. I think the owner was a little shocked to see two Westerners in there though as their menu was solely Japanese (no pictures) and we had some fun trying to order what we had been told was their speciality!

That night it was the 7th anniversary party of the hostel I was staying in, so they put on a night of Japanese entertainment. The offered free food and sushi rolling classes (although I didn’t take part in this after eating so much earlier!), lots of sake, and ended with a Japanese harp performance. It’s been amazing to see so many sides of such a diverse culture. Japan is one really interesting county.


Clearly no evening would be complete without a few drinks in the hostel bar, and a karaoke session until the early hours. I’m pretty sure we were dreadful, but I really don’t care, and we all had a great night!

Hopefully I get my Tokyo update done before I fly tonight… we’ll see! :)
Claire x


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